Deezell Shares His Opinion Of What Being King Of The North Should Take


Ibrahim Rufai, one of top rated Northern Hip-hop artists populary known by his stage name Deezell.

Deezell has taken to his social media pages to enlighten us about what exactly it should take about being called or entitled The “King Of The North“.

On the previous days as Classiq boldly mentioned and claimed He is the “King Of The North“.

The Arewa entertainment Fans has been trying to figure our who the real king Of The North should be,

Recalled, Deezell Replied A Tweet Regarding ClassiQ’s Claimed Of “King Of The North” that he will have to address this issue.

He now come with his words to clarify the air what being king of the North should be.

He wrote:
Here’s my opinion about being #KingOfTheNorth 👇

To be d KING is not just about being the best at what you do or adding flavor to ur music, i feel like to be the KING u hv to put ur city & your people first, ma’ana kishin #Arewa, Ba wai kanka kawai ba, Be someone that will unite us & want to see us progress as ONE.


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