3 ways to make your partner open up to you


A major determinant of a relationship is intimacy, but somehow, most couples find it hard to be open to their partners.

Opening up to another person can take time as it requires trust.

People find it hard sharing their experiences, especially situations that affect them a lot.

However, for a relationship to work out perfectly, the couples need to be open with each other.

For this to happen, you need to have strategies on how you can make your partner open up to you.

This is because one cannot force his or her partner to share something that he/she is not ready to share.

1. Ask an honest, direct question

When in doubt of something, it is always good to ask a direct question to get answers.

Same to this scenario, when your partner seems to be hiding something, it is advisable to ask a direct question to clarify the issue.

2. Share your own vulnerabilities

Some partners can’t easily open up until you prove to them that you are worth their trust.

Therefore, for you to win their trust, you need to open up about your own vulnerabilities.

This way, he or she will feel like sharing their worst experiences too.

3. Be a good listener

Proving to your partner that you can be a good listener can contribute a lot when it comes to him or her opening up about the worst fears.

Therefore, it is advisable to prove to your partner that you will always be there for her and ready to listen.


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